Why FCS-Type?

Why FCS-Type?

The FCS-Type Switch is a very robuust switch. It's clever horizontal modular build-up gives the switch a very large variety in configurations.

At the same time, because of this horizontal build-up, the FCS-Type Switch is the right switch for mounting in shallow enclosures.

The FCS-Type Switch is adjustable to either fused or non-fused switching for extra safety. 

Besides these features, the FCS-Type Switch is a very safe switch to maintain. Because of it's safety handles the switch can automatically be switched off by opening the enclosure. The safety caps make the switch finger safe for extra protection during maintenance.


In summary

- Modular deck building 
- Suitable for shallow enclosures
- Adjustable to fused or non-fused switching 
- Large variety in configurations 
- Height efficient build-up 
- High durability/safety 
- Typical fast switching 
- Finger safe