The latest safety guidelines (EN12101-3) demand fire ventilation installations in tunnels, car parks and lounges to keep working during a fire. Santon has developed a range of heat resistant Citadel enclosed switches which remain operational during a 2 hour period in a 400 degree heat!

Our current range is used at various different locations in:
- Car park
- Train tunnels and underground stations
- Traffic tunnels
- Theatres and public buildings
- Indoor shopping centres
- Conference and exhibition centres

We have presented typical solutions on this site. Please contact your nearest officeif you have any questions regarding these typical solutions or regarding how we can provide you with suitable solutions for your specific situation.


Citadel HR

The Citadel HR range consists of specially designed enclosures, which can resist extreme temperatures and chemicals. Fitted with Santon's reliable P-type switch disconnect, with it's self cleaning blade wiping action contacts. This combination creates a product which keeps your installion functioning under the most extreme circumstances, making it suitable for area's like public spaces, tunnels and parking garages.


- TÜV tested heat resistance 400°C for 2 hours
- Chemical resistant material Noryl GFN2-SE1
- Enclosures ranging from IP66 up to IP69
- Shock and vibration proof mounting construction
- AC currents from 16A up to 250A, and up to 1000V
- Self cleaning blade wiping action contacts
- IEC 947-3 certified
- Can be supplied with auxiliaries
- Padlockable

Circuit breaker services

Santon has developed Sidunn conversion sets for the installation of new Merlin Gerin Masterpact NT or NW circuit- breakers in existing distribution equipment for the replacement of obsolete circuit-breakers. These conversion sets are particularly suitable when an existing circuit-breaker must be replaced quickly.

With a Sidunn conversion set, the existing circuit-breaker can be replaced with a Merlin Gerin Masterpact within 2 to 4 hours, allowing you to begin using the best quality circuit-breaker. 

- Important technical improvement
- Short retrofit time
- Increases the life span of your installation
- User-friendly and safe solution
- Low investment

Learn more about our circuit breaker services here.

The P-Type Switch Disconnect

The P-Type Switch, also known as the Santon switch, is a robust switch which is typically useful in dusty environments, in environments where shocks can occur (trains, earth quake or explosions) and designed for switching of DC currents. 

The P-Type Switch is used in many industries and has proven itself to be one of the best switches on the market.

Because of it's modular design the switch can meet practically any customer specific demand.

The P-Type Switch is available in a range of enclosures and can be used in many different environments.

Learn more about the Santon P-Type Switch Disconnect


Santon Switchgear supplies Citadel switches: Plastic enclosures in which a reliable Santon switch is mounted, intended for the most diverse applications and circumstances. The Citadel switch isolators are in accordance with EN 60204, VDE 0113 and NEN 1010-5 article 537 and up to category of use AC 23A/DC 23 in accordance with IE60497- 1 and 3. Every Citadel switch is a targeted combination of materials, enclosure construction and locking. Completely attuned to the requirements you set.

Resistant to chemically aggressive substances, dirt, dust, moisture, cold or heat. For inside or outside use. Stationary or on rolling material. In land installations or onboard of ships, also on deck. In installations with either AC or DC current. 


- Heat resistant up to 300° C / 1 hour
- DC and AC current from 16A up to 1000A, and up to 1000V
- Shock and vibration resistant
- Chemical resistant
- Suitable for switching low current control signals (sustainable low internal resistance - due to the self cleaning contacts)
- Many switch schemes possible due to the modular build up of the switch
- Standard ranges of plastic housings IP55 - IP69 available, on request fitted with signal lamps, key locks, padlocking possibilities, etc.

Optional: Standard ranges of sheet steel, mild steel and cast steel enclosures

The C-Type Switch Disconnect

Our cam switches, just as our packet switches, are designed to high quality (Santon) standards.

The switch cells compromise top quality thermohardened melamine with excellent resistance to creepage current and arcing.


The double break contacts are coated with a silver alloy and the other components are selected with equal care. 

The sturdy design forms the basis for a range of well dimensioned, almost everlasting switches.



The SS Range of enclosed Disconnector switches are housed in Sheet Steel or Stainless Steel enclosures rated at IP65. The Sheet Steel units come in a choice of 2 colours; Grey RAL7035 or Red BS538, the Stainless Steel units are grade 316 polished. 

The Somerton Range of Disconnectors are lid mounted with Red/Yellow padlockable handles, lockable in the Off position by a max of 3 padlocks, locking in the On is also possible -on request.All units come complete with an early break auxiliary as standard and the enclosures have ample room for cabling and are undrilled allowing the installer to make entries where required.


- Stainless steel enclosures for AC and DC isolators IP54 – IP65
- Sheet steel cabinets for AC and DC isolators IP54- IP65
- Cast steel solutions for Eexd use, for flammable liquids, gases & vapour-sand, II B T6 (certified for gas groups IIA & IIB, temp. class T6)
- Standard switch ranges: 16A, 25A, 40A, 63A, 100A, 200A, 300A, 500A
- Hand operated, optionally: motor driven or both
- Customer built assemblies

Customer specific solutions for Infrastructure

We work together with our customers to develop the best solution for their demand. This demand may vary from pre-wiring loose switches to adjust switches with specific shafts, knobs and/or enclosures.

Our website offers just a selection of possibilities. Please contact our sales department for more information on what we can do for your specific situation.