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Santon Circuit Breaker Services voorziet Kerncentrale Doel van noodstroomvoorziening

Onlangs heeft Santon Circuit Breaker Services een project opgeleverd bij Kerncentrale Doel. Lees meer over dit specifieke project en de mogelijkheden die Santon Circuit Breaker services biedt t.a.v. het vervangen en verbeteren van vermogensschakelaars.

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The new and improved Silios D

Silios D

The Santon Silios D is not just a switch in a box. With minimum dimensions and maximum terminal acces the Silios D is the perfect safety switch for any installation. In the Silios D Santon uses the proven reliable X-type Switch and the proven ‘Snap-action’ mechanism. The lid is removable in ‘OFF’ position. The Santon Silios D offers easy terminal acces and has room for two safety seals. The knob is pad lockable in the ‘OFF’ position and is available in black and red.The Santon Silios D...

The quickest way to check your system for arc faults

We recently developed The Arc fault Detection Unit (ADU). The ADU offers extra safety, efficiency and convenience to any commercial or residential PV system. The electronic device, especially developed for PV systems, detects arc faults within a string and gives both visual and acoustic feedback the moment an arc fault occurs. Combining the ADU with santon’s motorised DC switches even allows for the specific part of the installation which the arc fault occurred in to be automatically isolated....

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