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Santon introduce the Citadel MP (Multi Purpose Enclosure) Switch

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To guarantee the Citadel MP series meets all demands there are multiple options available.

The Citadel MP series is available with different knob colours; black/grey and red/yellow lockable knobs, which can be locked with a maximum of three 8mm padlocks, or a standard black non lockable knob.

Download now, the folder of SANTON CITADEL MP series here.

Switches in enclosures
The Citadel MP enclosures can be mounted/fitted with glands up to M32.

A combination of different sizes is also possible, for example: 2x M25 and 1x M20.

Pressure equalizing valves can also be placed at the bottom of the enclosure if required.

As a quality product and a quality driven company, SANTON will provide every IP68 enclosure with a test report, tested to your required specification eg, pressure and the time that the enclosure is expected to be under water.

The Citadel MP Series is designed to work under 2 Bar pressure.