Mr. Sanders and Mr. Fulton founded the company Santon in the United Kingdom in around 1900, whereby the first three letters of Mr. Sanders’ name and the last three letters of Mr. Fultons name were used to create the company name.

They started with building electrical water heaters. They needed electrical switches for these heaters. After undoubtedly doing a great deal of research, Mr. Sanders and Mr. Fulton came to the conclusion that the new switch had to be the concept of the rotary switch as we know it today. It appeared to be a superb choice; the packet switch is still a superior concept to switch off DC current.

Mr. de Hoop, having his own big (ship) installation company in Rotterdam, started a joint venture with Santon UK in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1950, with 50-50% shares.
This joint venture was called Santon Holland. The parent company started to fall apart in the 1970/1980’s due to the lack of growth and due to the drop in demand for DC switches. The water heater business was sold to another company, Heatrae, which is still using the brand name Santon for the water heaters in the UK today.

The original parent company Santon in the UK stopped production and, in the meantime, Santon Holland took over three managers, which formed the basis for the present Santon Holland subsidiary in the UK.

In the meantime, the company de Hoop had been taken over and renamed and taken over again by the multinational Suez, which Santon Holland did not fit in with anymore. A management buyout was arranged in 2004.

Santon GmbH was founded in 2005, although Santon had already been supplying switches to the German market for 30 years. Activities started in Spain in 2006 to set up a Europe covering sales organisation. Santon founded Santon Inc. in the United States in 2010.