Superior switch solutions

Superior switch solutions

We aim high. We therefore make a clear promise to our markets and our clients. We do everything within our power to develop, produce, deliver and maintain superior switch solutions.


Our level of ambitions. And they are clear. We want to be the best. With a Santon switch you are guaranteed to have purchased the very best switch available and to have opted for maximum continuity and safety precautions for your installations and your employees.


Our field of expertise. We know switchgear. We have developed, produced, delivered and maintained switchgear for almost 60 years now. From small standard switches to large custom built ones. If you need a switch, do not look any further. We are your partner, either because we have already developed and produced it at some point or we are excited to do so.


Our mindset. We think in solutions. We want to create solutions as an answer to safety and continuity issues by developing the right switchgear. We work closely together with our clients in order to gain knowledge about their companies and their markets. This ensures we are able to develop the best possible solution for the purpose.