Developing, producing and delivering the best switchgear according to customer specific demands, where and when our customers need them is our core business. 

Quality needs to be nothing less then superior from the very first to the very last switch, whether our customers purchase 10, 10.000 or 100.000 pieces. To guarantee this level of quality, every individual switch is being checked prior to distribution.

Operating in rapidly changing international competitive markets where demand changes over night, this means complete control of resources and processes is needed.

We invite our customers to visit our production plant in Rotterdam to meet our people and convince themselves Santon supplies the best product for their demand. Independent quality audits are performed periodically by certified organizations.

Certifications and declarations:

- ISO 9001 English tm August_2018

- GEMS-5012-EICC_GeSIDD_Rev_3.01

- Rohs II

- VCA 2008-05 Engels   tm juni 2016

- Reach statement