Why P-Type?

Why the Santon P-Type Switch Disconnect?

The Santon P-Type Switch is based one of the oldest, most used and most reliable switching concepts on the market today. Since the foundation of Santon Switchgear the packet switch as a concept hasn't been changed because of it's unique way of switching.

The Santon P-Type Switch is suitable for both AC and DC switching and it's shockproof design makes it the right switch for being used in the heaviest circumstances such as Industry, Maritime and Offshore, Machine Building, Defense, Railtransport and Infrastructure.

Throughout the years Santon has made very specific solutions based on the P-Type Switch. Because of it's proven reliability, it's endless switching schemes and the range of available enclosures this is one of the most diverse switches available.

Our standard range complemented with our range of enclosures and accesories covers most demands but every situations asks for a specific approach. If you're not sure what (type of) switch you need, what scheme you need or which enclosures best meets your specific environment, please contact your nearest office.


In Summary

- Most reliable switch available
- Extremely short power shut off time of approx. 3ms
- Switching without flame arc
- Wide range 16 to 1000A, and up to 1000V DC and AC
- Shockproof design
- Many accesories available
- Customer specific assemblies